Aqua Park

Discover our aqua park in Sharm El Sheikh, one of the most amazing tourist attractions full of lush green landscaped gardens and located on the scenic coastline of Umm El Seed. Our guest will find tons of fun for all family members Fee l the speed of the 17 slides and enjoy a ride on the river.

7 pools with 17 adult slides, some of them could be double:

  • Twister Slide: two different exciting slides with twisters which guarantee a lot of fun.
  • Tube Freefall: hold on to your heart as you race down this monster, high- speed “free- fall” slide.
  • Multi slide: an open slide for up to four people at the same time, let us see who is the fastest?
  • Freefall: challenge the long speed slide that features a breathtaking 11.5 m fall into the cool water below.
  • Kamikaze: A hair- raising water game. Are you brave enough to try this water game? An enormous thrill slide that is sure to get pulses racing, featuring gigantic, king- sized slides offering adrenaline addicts the ultimate extreme aquatic experience.
  • Body Slide: a long and very curvy slide, a wonderful and fun water game, you will love it!
  • Flying boat: Enjoy the adventure of a sailor. Try this terrific slide and you will feel like you will stand out!
    Space Boat Tube: Experience the mysterious world of outer space. You will pass through an enclosed slide in a tunnel and you will arrive slowly at the end.
  • Black hole: as the name suggests, feature two enclosed slides that catapult riders into pitch black spirals of darkness. You don‟t know which war you „re turning next, and you don‟t see anything until you hit the final splashdown!
  • Rafting Slide: to reach the final splash you will slide through two spirals on a mattress.
  • Family Slide: Experience the adventure and share the fun with the whole family. Venture down this fantastic slide in a family boat with up to four people.
  • Tsunami Slide: You will ride down in a boat and up on the other side, down once again, up one more and then you swing comfortably until you reached the swimming pool.
  • Space hole: you come through an enclosed slide into a tunnel and slowly end in the cool water.
  • Up Hill Flying boat: You will have a journey full of surprises, you will go down, and then up, when you think it‟s over, you will experience a surprise drop.

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